What is the lowest paying job?

The game changes people and the cashiers in the cabin. Waiters work everywhere, from out-of-town billiard rooms to first-class hotel bars that serve the most expensive alcoholic beverages that can be bought to their wealthy customers. With nearly half a million waiters working today, it's a popular and low-paying job for college students and those looking for flexible hours without starting early. With an average hourly wage of around £12.30, hotel and motel reception employees employed in the United States number about 220,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Retailers are paid better than cashiers who only deal with transactions, but they are still among the lowest paid jobs in the country. Like many other positions in the foodservice industry, hosting doesn't require any formal education and generally pays relatively low salaries. As expected, health care occupations dominated the list of the highest paying jobs, while service jobs were on the list of the lowest paid jobs. Another great low-paying job in the food service industry is working as a canteen or cafeteria employee and waiter's assistant.

Mechanics, whether for boats or cars, is among the 50 lowest paid professions in existence. Another low-paying job known for keeping people on their feet are writers and sportsbooks and bookmakers, who help customers place bets on sporting events. Of the 50 lowest paid professions in the United States, 18 involve preparing food, handling food, or working in a restaurant. While some states require employers to pay higher salaries to waiters, in most states waiters must rely on tips to make up the difference.

Any job that involves handling raw poultry and sharp knives seems like it should be paid much better than this. In other cases, you might be surprised to discover that workers who perform very difficult jobs are still among those receiving the lowest compensation. Cashiers work closely with customers to process payments in a variety of businesses, from grocery stores and supermarkets to restaurants and pharmacies. Many of the lowest paying jobs in the country are all in the food industry, and preparatory cooks are the next candidate.

Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, GOBankingRates compiled a list of 50 professions that pay the lowest salaries. Service assistants work on a variety of vehicles, and this position offers mechanical engineering enthusiasts a foot in the door, which translates to much higher salaries. Hotel front desk employees are among the lowest paying jobs in the United States, probably in part because they generally don't require education beyond a high school diploma, although some high-level locations may prefer college graduates. Working in fast-food restaurants is one of the most popular low-paying jobs in the United States, with nearly 3.5 million people currently in this labor sector.

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