Which jobs are most popular?

Read on for Stacker's list of the 50 most common jobs in the United States. With the rise of e-commerce and the delivery of everything from food to office supplies becoming commonplace, light-truck drivers' job prospects are better than most. Waiters and waitresses work mostly with tips, so personality and friendly service are important aspects of this job, where employers can still pay less than the minimum wage. The rise of remote work and digitalization will cause job offers for web developers to skyrocket in the coming years.

Most of the jobs on the list don't require much more than a high school diploma, but some may require years of study, certification, and state or federal licenses. With major plans underway to expand health centers across the country, construction workers can expect to find many exciting new job opportunities in this area. Not only is a career as a web developer highly future-proof, but it's also fairly well-paid, and the specialized skills developed on the job provide plenty of opportunities for career advancement. This resulted in increased job opportunities as demand for workers to support retail and food delivery services skyrocketed.

Meanwhile, Career Addict lists “The 12 best auto mechanic jobs for beginners, ranging from automotive air conditioner repairer to collision repair assistant.” Their responsibilities vary from job to job, from cleaning and digging to setting up scaffolding and lifting heavy objects. The profession is one of the 15 fastest-growing industries, according to Moneywise, which reports that by 2026, another 138,300 jobs will open in this field. The company McKinsey & estimates that up to 25% more workers may need to change occupations than before the pandemic, while the Brookings Institution predicts that 42% of jobs lost due to COVID-19 will end up disappearing forever. On-the-job training is often all that's needed to enter the field, which can range from selling clothing and accessories to cars and electronics.

The physical work of cutting, shaping, and installing wood and building materials includes standing, kneeling, lifting and carrying material for hours in sometimes unpleasant weather conditions, and can be dangerous. Although there is greater demand for storage due to e-commerce sales, the growth of this work is slowing down as more warehouse operations are automated.

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